Currently, about 15% percent of orders coming in through Paypal have outdated, nonfunctional email addresses. If you have not received your order, please double check that you have a current email address on file with Paypal (you can use the link below to email me your current email address). A less frequent problem is with mailboxes that are full. Some email providers limit the number of emails a person can have in their account. Once the account reaches this limit no more emails will be received until the recipient goes through and frees up some space. If you have a capacity limited account, please check that you are not over the limit. Along with not receiving the book you probably will also not have received an email from paypal that will start "Receipt for your payment to Highbidatlast" or "Receipt for your payment to mikewoodbooks."

I process orders several times a day. Most customers receive orders within a few minutes to a few hours after having placed the order. If you have not received your book within twelve hours, first check that you received a notification from paypal for receipt for your payment. Next please double check that your mail box isn't full, your email on file with Paypal is a current one and that there are no spam settings in effect that would prevent you from receiving your order.

If all these are okay, please use the contact link below so that I can track down the problem and get your order to you.
Thank you,
Mike Wood

About 1% of customers are not able to find the Paypal order page. This is usually related to the fact that the order page comes up in a new window, and a pop-up blocker is preventing the new window from opening. Here's the process that should happen:
Basically, you should be able to select >i>Buy E-book which will take you to the order page (assuming you are only ordering one book). Next, select "Proceed to Check Out." This takes you to a secure Paypal check out page. Once you're on the check out page, log into your paypal account. The following page will ask you to confirm the payment of $7.95 (plus tax for Texas orders) and select a credit card or other method of payment. Note: If you do not have a paypal account, you can select "Don't have a paypal account? ...continue" from the left side of the page. It will take you to a payment processing page. You do not have to sign up for a paypal account and it will process a credit card just the same for nonmembers.

If the above does not happen, the most likely possibility is that the paypal order form that would normally pop up in a new window and the 'pop-up' is being blocked by your computer. Normally there is a very small notice of this in the top tool bar, along with an option to click on the tool bar to allow the pop-up.

If you are new at internet orders and are having difficulty making the order on your computer, consider using a friend's or coworker's computer and having them walk you through the process.


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